Saturday, October 31, 2009


I apologize again for taking such a long break from this blog. I've been distracted, mostly with my long distance relationship with Dave. who by the way is amazing :) Anyway, Journalfest was last week, the first Journalfest of many to come I hope. Though I couldn't stay for the last day due to Dave needing to get to the airport early Sunday morning, it was an amazing event. We took a class from Dan Essig, which was fantastic. It really got me thinking about how much fun it is to make things. When I got home I told my dad I wanted to make more books, which he was very excited to hear as he is an avid bookbinder himself. It's been really fun. I also decided I should start filling up my down time with other crafty things, so I've started crocheting amigurumi again. It feels so good to make things.