Friday, March 13, 2009

A Note on Education

Why are kids not being taught a language in schools, starting at kindergarten? Why is it only a requirement for high school students? Studies clearly show that the ability to learn a second language significantly declines with age. Also it would be a tool to introduce more international awareness to kids, by which I mean schools should also emphasize the importance of understanding different cultures and also the importance of international relations. I am having a hard time with words so if that didn't make sense I apologize.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Honey Hole

Last night I was lying in bed, crocheting a granny square I'll probably never use in anything, about to set it down and fall asleep when I heard a faint ringing sound. So faint, in fact, I thought I was dreaming already. It was my phone, however, my friend wanting me to go out. I said no, hung up, rolled over, and realized what I was doing. I needed to get out. Why not go have an adventure? So I called him back and so began a very fun evening downtown.

We started the night by meeting some people downtown, but as soon as we got there everyone wanted to go to this place called the Honey Hole that I honestly had never heard of. It was up in Capitol Hill, quite a walk, but three of the people were staying at the hostel downtown and therefore we hiked our way up. It was a lovely evening for a walk anyway.

The Honey Hole was, for lack of a better word, totally awesome. The food looked great (I wasn't hungry) the beer was typical Seattle greatness, and the atmosphere was satisfying in a crazy way. The variety of toy fish and figurines hanging from the ceiling were fun without seeming cluttered, the feather boas holding the hanging lights were perfect, and what held it all together was the music which I can only describe as indian mixed with circus mixed with faint hints of hip hop. All in all it was wonderful.

After we left the Honey Hole we stopped at the hostel for a jacket, and then made our way to a bar I didn't catch the name of in Pike Place for one last beer before last call. I had a Maritime Nightwatch I believe it was called, which was quite delicious.

The moral of this rather long-winded description of my evening is that if I hadn't mentally slapped myself and gone out, I never would have met three world travellers (two from England and one from Eastern Canada), and I would never have experienced the wonders of the Honey Hole.