Friday, April 24, 2009

Music... Again...

I think about music a lot, if you hadn't noticed. Today I was thinking about the degree to which people, at least people I know, use music tastes as an indicator of personality, or compatibility. For example, when two people meet and one asks the other what kind of music they listen to, that person forms opinions about the other based on their response. If they like the same music, then often people are surprised and take that to mean they are compatible. If they like different music, then opinions are formed, and that could be used later by either as a reason they are incompatible. Is music really a good measure of personality though? Certainly people have very strong opinions about music, but take for example a common occurance, where the first time a person hears a song they don't like it, but after repeated exposure for whatever reason they end up loving that song. The inverse can also happen, that the first time someone hears a song they love it, and after a while they never want to hear it again. Also, it might happen that a person lists, for example, rock as their favorite type of music, but they haven't been exposed to very many other kinds of music because that is what their family and friends like. These are just random thoughts on my mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Artfest 2009

Artfest had some unexpected guests :)

Some of the volunteers hanging out around the beach bonfire

Tiffany and Theo at the start of the journal party at the beach

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have returned

The past two weeks have been crazy, with Artfest and then a week of hanging out with friends from out of town (who also helped at Artfest!) so the blog got kind of pushed to the side. Artfest was a great success again, and I had the best birthday ever (thanks everyone!) Artfest also made me want to get back into spinnign again so hopefully I'll be posting about that soon. I'll try and get some pictures from artfest up soon!