Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A raised eyebrow, a sigh, and a hand on the chin; she had had an epiphany and the world seemed to fall into place. Her eyes closed and she breathed, taking in all the scents of the city. She smelled sweet flowers, toasted bread and teriyaki, mixed with hints of trash and hot pavement. They filled her with a warmth that only familiar smells can bring. Slowly, with pursed lips she let the air out of her lungs, letting go of all the tension in her body and mind.
With a clear mind she listened to the sounds all around her. She heard cars rush by, a sound she normally found harsh and intrusive, as though the noise was malicious. This time, however, it seemed right. The swoosh of the vehicles, the myriad sounds of a bus stopping and starting, all fit into the complex, perfect existence of that moment. Behind the sounds of the street she could hear some girls discussing a recent party, and a man and a woman arguing about the importance of manned missions into space. She heard the rattle of a dogs leash and the even tapping of high-heels on cement.
With a deep breath she opened her eyes. The sky was a whitish gray, very even and beautiful. Soft light filled the city. It was strangely bright and yet not so bright it hurt the eyes. The city was almost a perfect gray, interrupted by splashes of brightly colored flowers. It was exquisitely gentle. She smiled at the obscure beauty of everything around her and took a step, one single step beginning her life as one who has come to the realization that perfection is a beautiful balance of imperfection.